Drum Lifter

Drum Lifter Manufacturers, Suppliers in India

Drum Lifter Manufacturers, Suppliers in India

Vimalnx Equipments Pvt. Ltd. the leading industry player in drum lifter from a decade serving and assisting in India with years of experience in manufacturing drum lifter. As the leading drum lifter manufacturers, suppliers in India, we stand out as the symbol of trust and relevancy in the market.

A drum lifter is a specialized material handling equipment used to lift and transport drums of various sizes and weights, structures. It offers a convenient and efficient solution for handling drums in warehouses, manufacturing facilities and chemical, fluids manufacturing plants. Drum lifter come in various configurations and segments including manual and powered options to suit different operational requirements and needs as the work force and work requirements.

Vimalnx Equipments Pvt. Ltd., the equipment manufacturing company also deal and assist in Dock Leveler, Scissor Lift Table, Pallet Truck, Material Handling Equipment, Stacker and etc.

Vimalnx Equipments Pvt. Ltd., is your trusted ultimate source for high-quality drum lifter in India. As the leading drum lifter manufacturers, suppliers in India. Our drum lifter is designed, manufactured to meet the demanding need of industrial environments and premises, offering efficient and safe handling of drums towards its desired place.

Industrial Benefits:

  • Efficiency: Efficient drum handling operations and tasks by reducing time and labour costs, cost saving.
  • Safety: Our drum lifter in India ensures safe lifting and transportation of drums minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries on the work floor.
  • Durability: Our drum lifter is built with robust and sturdy materials, which offer long-lasting performance in harsh industrial environments and settings.


As the leading drum lifter manufacturers, suppliers in India, our drum lifter find applications in warehouses, manufacturing plants, chemical industries, large scale plants and more.

What Sets Us Apart?

At Vimalnx Equipments Pvt. Ltd., we prioritize quality, reliability and customer satisfaction the up most. Our drum lifter is engineered with exact accuracy and is built to exceed industry standards and expectations ensuring optimal performance and durability. Choose Vimalnx Equipments Pvt. Ltd. for your drum lifter needs and experience superior quality and service for better work efficiency.

Drum Lifter Trolley:

A drum lifter trolley is a versatile and efficient material handling equipment designed to lift and transport drums with ease. It combines the functionality of a drum lifter and a trolley in one, allowing for efficient movement of drums within warehouses, factories and industrial settings. This trolley comes equipped with sturdy wheels for easy movability and adjustable features to accommodate drums of different sizes and weights. As the leading drum lifter trolley manufacturers, suppliers in India. We as Vimalnx Equipments Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of drum lifter trolley engineered and manufactured for durability and reliability. With our drum lifter trolley in India, you can smooth your material handling processes, operations and ensure safe and efficient transportation of drums in your facility and premises.

Hydraulic Drum Lifter:

A hydraulic drum lifter is a specialized lifting device powered by hydraulic mechanisms and functions designed and manufactured to lift and position drums safely and efficiently within the industrial premises. It provides exact control over the lifting process, allowing operators to lift drums to desired heights with ease and fewer efforts. As the leading hydraulic drum lifter manufacturers, suppliers in India, we as Vimalnx Equipments Pvt. Ltd. offers high-quality hydraulic drum lifter in India engineered for durability and performance. Our hydraulic drum lifter is equipped with safety features that are built to withstand the strict guidelines of industrial environments and settings. With Vimalnx Equipments Pvt. Ltd. hydraulic drum lifter in India, you can enhance the productivity and ensure safe handling of drums in your facility and premises.

For more information and to know more get in touch with us for your drum lifter, drum lifter trolley, hydraulic drum lifter requirements in India.

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