Self Propelled Scissor Lift

Self Propelled Scissor Lift Manufacturers, Suppliers in Pune

Self Propelled Scissor Lift Manufacturers, Suppliers in Pune

Vimalnx Equipments Pvt. Ltd. – your reliable and ultimate source for Self Propelled Scissor Lift in Pune, as the leading Self Propelled Scissor Lift manufacturers, suppliers in Pune, we aware of the customer requirement and needs and works towards delivering the exact and appropriate lift as per their desired wants.

Looking for reliable Self Propelled Scissor Lift in Pune? Look no further or forward than Viraj Industries, the premier and leading self propelled manufacturers, suppliers in Pune and assist towards top-quality lifting solutions. Our Self Propelled Scissor Lift is designed and crafted to enhance efficiency and safety in various industrial applications and settings. We as Vimalnx Equipments Pvt. Ltd., also deal in Goods Lift, Drum Handling Equipment, Dock Ramp, Forklift, Hoist and etc.

Product Overview:

At Viraj Industries, we take and seek pride in offering superior quality Self Propelled Scissor Lift in Pune that redefines productivity in the workplace. Here's an overview of our product and its specifications:

Features Specifications
Brand Vimalnx Equipments Pvt. Ltd.
Model/Segment VISC-SPSL
Drive Type/Mode Self-Propelled
Maximum Platform Height Up to 12 meters last
Load Capacity Our lift consists of load bearing capacity ranging from 500 kg to 1000 kg
Platform Size Customizable and personalized to fit specific requirements and needs
Power Source/Resource Electric source
Mobility Easily movability with intimate controls and functions
Safety/ Security Features Emergency stop button, safety rails, overload protection alerts
Applications Warehouses, construction sites, maintenance tasks and operations
Warranty Standard and custom warranty with options for extended coverage and add on

Key Features:

  • Efficient Mobility: Our Self Propelled Scissor Lift in Pune, features self-propelled drive systems and functions allowing for easy and efficient movability across various work environments within the premises.
  • Enhanced Safety: Our lift is equipped with essential safety and security features such as emergency stop buttons and alerts features, safety rails and overloads protection and alerts, our lift prioritize and seek the safety of operators and workers working on the floor.
  • Customizable Options: As the leading self propelled scissor lift manufacturers, suppliers in Pune, we assist and provide customizable, personalized platform sizes and load bearing capacities to meet specific project requirements and unique customer demands, ensuring optimal performance and better functionality.
  • Electric Power: Our self propelled scissor lift is powered by electricity and runs on electrical resources our lift offer eco-friendly operation and tasks while delivering the reliable performance and minimal maintenance requirements ensured.

Experience the difference with Vimalnx Equipments Pvt. Ltd. self propelled scissor lift in Pune as the leading manufacturers, suppliers of self propelled scissor lift, we are always at your service. Contact us to know more and trust Vimalnx Equipments Pvt. Ltd. for excellence in quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

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